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"I began seeing Andrew nine months ago,  after I was injured in a car accident . Andrew is fun, friendly, intuitive and very knowledgeable.  

Most of my body was in constant pain but with continued massage therapy a majority of the pain has disappeared.  Following a session with Andrew, I find that in addition to decreasing pain levels,  my range of mobility also improves.

I was told by 3 doctors that surgery was the only option for two different areas of my body. The surgeries have been cancelled and those doctors continue to observe my healing progress.  I highly recommend booking an appointment with Andrew."

— Colleen J

"Andrew McCully is a gifted massage therapist. Over the past few years my health and well-being have been greatly improved under his care. His intuition, knowledge, skill, and good humour make him fantastic healthcare professional."

— Kyla E

"Andrew is an excellent massage therapist.  He intuitively knows where to apply pressure to release tension, relieve aches and reduce stress.  Seeing him has had wonderful therapeutic benefits for my body and mind."

— Jason M

"Out of all the many RMT's I've been to in the past 20 years, Andrew is by far the most intuitive. He doesn't just work on your voiced area of pain or injury, he determines what other areas are contributing to your imbalance, targeting those as well. As a result of this holistic approach, you are left with a greater understanding of your pain pattern and how best to deal with it. I have recommended Andrew to several friends who are also currently regular customers. "

— Gwen V

"Andrew McCully has been my massage therapist for almost ten years and I truly believe he is the best massage therapist in Vancouver. He has helped me with neck, back, jaw, leg and knee issues and he always knows exactly where the problem is and exactly what to do to alleviate the pain. His calm demeanor promotes an environment of healing and helps me relax through any treatment. I think his hands may be magic!"

— Robyn JM

"Andrew is a gifted therapist. His deep tissue massages have help ease my chronic neck, shoulder and lower back pain.  Andrew is professional, caring and sensitive to his client's needs."

— Dave J

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