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Services: Osteopathic Techniques

Simple and effective techniques for releasing the main body diaphragms and the joints of the spine, ribs and pelvis have been integrated into my current massage therapy practice.

Twisting and tightness of the vertebrate, pelvis and ribs can be an important cause of symptoms. Because they are so closely associated with the nervous system, these problems with these joints cause muscle tightness, increased sympathetic state, pain and other symptoms.

As well, the diaphragms of the body are horizontal stabilizers for the musculoskeletal system and it is key to  integrate treatment of the diaphragms into my practice.

Andrew will apply basic joint releases for the spine, pelvis and thoracic cage, and rocking techniques for lymph drainage and paraspinal muscle release. The techniques he chooses will be based on tests he does on each of his patients.

Finally, while osteopathic techniques are important, perhaps what matters most are the osteopathic concepts one brings to one's practice, a whole new way of looking at the body that can be applied regardless of the techniques one uses.

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