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Services: Deep Connective Tissue Massage

Deep connective tissue massage is a form of intense massage that aims to release myofascial restrictions in the body, and to break up any restrictive scar tissue. Deep connective tissue massage is also said to restore the length and flexibility to the fascia (the fibrous tissue that surrounds the muscles and organs), by normalizing the tissue and by improving the strength and overall health of the entire fascial system (connective tissues throughout the entire body).

Deep connective tissue massage borrows many of its techniques from traditional Swedish massage. However the pressure that a massage therapist applies during a deep connective tissue massage is more intense, and massages oil or lotion isn’t typically used.

The strokes of this type of massage are slower and more pressure is applied in order warm the muscle tissue and reach the deeper layers of muscle. Although having a deep connective tissue massage shouldn’t cause you any pain, its often less relaxing and less comfortable then a traditional Swedish massage. Most practitioners ask that their clients tell them immediately if the stroke pressure is too intense. When a therapist locates a chronic knot (also referred to as an adhesion), they will often recommend that a client adapt a total lifestyle change which may include exercises to help improve posture, balance, movement, and relaxation.

This technique has also been known to help relieve chronic tension, to increase the body’s range of motion, to improve posture and to enhance the natural harmony of the entire body and mind.

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