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Services: Chair Massage

Chair massage, also known as corporate massage, can be a convenient method of massage therapy. A chair massage session typically lasts 12-24 minutes, and is performed while fully clothed. Chair massage promotes better circulation, muscle stimulation and stress relief. This form of massage reduces tension in the back, neck, shoulders, head, arms, hands, legs or feet, providing a deep relaxation effect.


  • The massage is done through the clothing. This saves people the time of undressing and any embarrassment they might feel. It also involves no messy massage oils or creams.
  • It’s simply a direct massage of the muscle tissues to relieve stress and pain.
  • Due to the mobility of the chair, the massage can come to you wherever you are. It can be brought into a person’s home or office and since it doesn’t take as long as traditional massages, anyone can find time to get a massage.
  • The massage makes people feel safe because it can be done right out in the open as complete privacy isn’t needed.
  • It’s inexpensive and it focuses on quickly targeting the key tension areas of the body: the back neck and shoulders.

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