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75 Hard-A REAL Wellness Assessment of a "Mental Toughness" Program

9 August 2021
: This is a summary and critique of the "75-day tactical guide to winning the war with yourself," as expressed by the founder and promoter, Andy Frisella. Followers are asked to think of the plan as an "Ironman for your brain." It consists of self-improvement affirmations, mantras and the like designed to convince you to believe in yourself, persevere, and develop confidence, self-worth, fortitude, grittiness and so on in everyday life. You are urged to challenge yourself and the way you think and feel. The essay explains and critiques the program, and includes several guest critiques by followers and varied experts. Read more

Working Out At Home - How to Maximize Muscle-Building Results From Your Home Workouts!

4 May 2021
: When you're new to working out to build muscle, you want to build muscle faster if you can - and when you've been working out for a while and are hitting a muscle-building plateau, you want techniques to get you through that to start building muscle quicker once again. Here are three exercise techniques that can help in either situation and get your gym or home workouts back on track with maximum progression! Read more

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