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Sick And Tired Of Depression? Here's The Most Cost Effective Strategy

8 November 2021
: My critique of the journal article below still holds true for the most cost-effective way of beating your depression in 2021. According to information from the World Health Organization, depression is one of most common leading causes of death worldwide in 2011 and it affects 121 million people worldwide, 9% of whom are men and 17% are women. Nevertheless, the problem with the treatment of depression is that the medical expenses is around $83 billion annually worldwide, and therefore the cost of treatment for depression has become an important topic for researchers. Therefore, the goal of the review is to find out which of the various mental health services are both cost-effective and efficient in terms of long-term effects, as measured by the lowest rate of recidivism (Crane et al., 2012). Read more

Is Depression Symptoms Visible?

19 October 2021
: Can you see mental illness symptoms? The three seemingly invisible yet common symptoms for Depression - sleepiness, helplessness, and restlessness can be baffling to understand and to be reconciled.With treatment, self-care, supportive relationships, the road to recovery is feasible. Read more

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