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Andrew McCully, RMT

Andrew McCully is a healer and artist with a background of working on community projects. He has been an arts events coordinator, has worked on large-scale exhibitions, and studied Psychology at the University of Regina. Massage therapy grows out of his experience as a designer and painter: Andrew's hands are his principal means of communication. His training and work experience have given him an expansive approach to life challenges and inter-communicative problem solving. He brings flexibility of mind to his work and is able to adapt his treatment on a person-by-person basis. This creative approach allows him to work well in the dynamic interpersonal atmosphere of a clinic.

One of the keys to understanding his practice is in how he turned a physical challenge into a therapeutic advantage. While training at the Emily Carr Institute of Art in the early 90's, Andrew began to experience loss of sight. What seemed at first like a debilitating condition was transformed into a significant life opportunity. The following is from an interview in which Andrew describes this process of transformation and how it helped him develop his skill as a massage therapist.