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Quit Smoking

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Quitting Smoking And Big Upsets

29 November 2017
: Most smokers recognise that they use cigarettes to manage stress. Unfortunately nicotine isn't actually very useful for this but smoking does distract your thoughts for a few moments. After you quit it is important to have a plan in place to deal with any big upsets which come yo Read more

Quitting Smoking - Why Hypnosis Is Your Best Option

20 November 2017
: There are lots of good research reasons why hypnosis is your best quit smoking option, such as a meta study of 600 studies showing that hypnosis is 15 times as successful as cold turkey and three times better than nicotine replacement therapy. But there are even better reasons for using hypnosis. And the best of all reasons is that you are a human being and most of your smoking reasons are human reasons not some brain addiction. Read more

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