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Quit Smoking

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Quitting Smoking - The Agony And The OK

31 July 2018
: It's easy to break smoking into the categories of the agony and the OK. The agony associated with smoking is all too well known. There is no secret that smoking has caused millions of death, and that smoking is still one of the most risky activities that large numbers of people still indulge in. The OK or good is on the pleasure side of the equation. Most of my quit clients, admit to not even liking cigarettes, a small percentage say they like smoking, however none ever admit to loving it. Perhaps these people aren't looking to quit. But a common response is that they think smoking feels OK or that it feels good. Having a deadly habit that offers just OK up against the potential of death, or at least serious illness and a much shortened lifespan, sound like a lousy deal. Read more

Quit Smoking - Keeping Some Cigarettes Just In Case

28 June 2018
: In my pre-hypnosis contacts I always advise clients to ensure there will be no cigarettes in their environment for when they go home after the session. The only block to this is if there is another smoker in the house. In this case then you will need to negotiate some spaces which will be smoke free, plus have the other smoker agree to not give you a cigarette under any circumstance. One client who could not get this agreement booked himself into a motel for two nights to avoid any contact. I have to say that I really admired this level of commitment. Keeping some cigarettes just in case will not be of any help to you. Firstly it's usually the client themselves who have hidden the smokes in the back of the wardrobe. But of course they hid them, so they are not hidden and in any home will just be a minute or two away from accessing. Read more

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