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Why You Need Jesus Christ

23 April 2019
: SECTION 1-FROM ATHEISM TO CHRISTIANITY 1) Did Man's Imagination Create God, or Did God actually Communicate to Man that He exists through our Imagination? 2) If so, most so-called Religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Confusianism Taoism, and even Agnosticism are really Philosophies, because they still feel that God is unknowable even though He might have communicated with us. So they had to develop their own Way of Life, which could include their Interpretation of what a God might be like if He existed without really knowing Him. Read more

Spiritual and Emotional Healing for Common Chronic Illnesses

23 April 2019
: Your spiritual and emotional patterns may be making you ill. Learn how to identify those patterns and heal your body. Read more

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