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Conscious Design - Creating a Meditation Space

8 December 2017
: Combining the principles of Sacred Geometry, Vastu-Yoga of interiors and Conscious living we come to the forefront of having a designated space for spiritual yoga or meditation, creating and evolving our connection to the source, the divine universe. It encourages consistency and builds up on your conscious resolve to awareness of your surroundings and the energy vibrations they carry. Welcoming you with its serene warmth and uplifting your spirits your sacred space calms your mind while driving it towards awareness of the supreme consciousness. Read more

Zazen Meditation - First Experience

25 October 2017
: Meditation has been a part of my life for about 2 decades now. I have done many forms of meditation, mostly visualization, silence and guided. When I was introduced to Zazen meditation through a MeetUp group in my local area it blew my mind. There are three principles in the Buddhist tradition that the teacher went over. In this article I will discuss my first experiences with Zazen meditation and go over those three principles that are important to all of life. Read more

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