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Ways to Spice Up Sex Life When One of the Partners Is Depressed

12 June 2018
: Depression is a debilitating disorder. It affects the suffering person's normal life, be it work, relationships as well as physical and psychological health. Depression is also a spoiler for sex life as the two do not mix well. It impacts the libido and a depressed partner might have a non-existent sex drive. The orgasms might elude as fatigue and lack of enthusiasm prevail. Read more

The Elusive Presence of Joy

11 June 2018
: Somewhere along the way I trained myself not to feel. I became detached. I believe my life's traumas were my educator and taught my emotional system to not feel good or bad. What I found to be crazy about this trauma induced state is that when I first recognized and began to do my inner work I was able to feel or summon negative emotions with no effort, but emotions such as Happy, Satisfied, Excited, Contentment or Joy eluded me. I actually felt embarrassed or ashamed of this fact. Read more

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