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What Do Prokofiev and Shawn Achor Have in Common?

3 December 2017
: Have you ever experienced the joy of attending a chamber concert such as those that include one of the great masters? How do you feel at the end? I recently was reminded how wonderful it feels to listen to great music from one of the great masters, such as Prokofiev and how it made me feel so "high", so to speak. Read on to find out what is going on inside the body, when this happens. Read more

Responsiveness to Positive Experiences Decreases Vulnerability to Depressive Symptoms of Poor Sleep

21 November 2017
: Like good nutrition and physical activities, a healthy quota of sleep is an essential component of good health and overall well-being. In recent times, sleep trouble has escalated in America, with as many as a third of the adult population receiving less than the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep. Read more

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